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Lighted Banner Brackets

Get 24-hour visibility for outdoor banner brackets. With the simple addition of a display light, banners can enjoy round-the-clock impact. And these commercial pole and wall mount solutions have all the tools in one bracket system for easy, efficient displays. For business decorations, Main Street marketing and event center postings, wall and pole banners offer a smart, comprehensive solution.

Simply affix outdoor banner brackets to an exterior wall, post or pole and set light fixtures to timers for after-dark illumination. Our banner systems are made from tough materials and are powder coated to resist rust. Front-lit banner brackets can also be matched with a vertical banner stand to create a cohesive commercial sign system collection that projects your business messages in a streamlined fashion.

Commercial brackets with built-in display lighting make banners shine in any permanent or seasonal display. All outdoor-rated styles also can be used for interior displays in shopping malls, event arenas and convention centers. Bulbs are sold separately. Hardware included is mill finish. Call to request black oxide coated hardware for an all-black display.

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Lighted Trapeze Banner Bracket, Projecting Wall Mount for 18in.W Banner
Lighted Trapeze Banner Bracket, Projecting Wall Mount for 24in.W Banner
Lighted Trapeze Banner Bracket, Projecting Wall Mount for 36in.W Banner
Lighted Trapeze 18in. Banner Bracket Set - Pole Mount
Lighted Trapeze 24in. Banner Bracket Set - Pole Mount
Lighted Trapeze 36in. Banner Bracket Set - Pole Mount

Add a display light to banners for increased sign visibility. Rather than losing out on place marking, brand messaging and business decoration after dark, use outdoor banner brackets that have a lighting solution built in. This comprehensive product assortment includes pole and wall-mount systems for front-lit banner signs that shine any time of day or night.

Outdoor banner brackets online at Sign Bracket Store are made from quality, commercial-grade materials like welded steel and powder coated iron. Depending on the project, configurations include wall and post mount solutions for common applications like light poles in a business district and exterior walls of museums and sporting venues. With the simple addition of a display light, banners immediately enjoy increased visibility for ultimate 24/7 impact of commercial and public messaging.

Banner signs are popular business decorations, event posters and city street ornaments. They appeal to the client who needs a permanent sign posting solution that still has seasonal and event-based versatility. As such, outdoor banner brackets are a common commercial furnishing outside sports arenas, event venues and lining the streets of cities and municipalities nationwide. Having front-lit banners simply takes the design one step further to ensure an uninterrupted visual.

Choose the style of display light for banners that aptly express the personality and message of a business, event or destination. From sleek and pointed bullet lights, to charming Gooseneck shades, we offer a range of styles to suit any project spec. Also ask about custom indoor/outdoor banner bracket design in terms of size and finish options.

Our assortment of commercial-grade banner brackets features popular designs like the Trapeze-style bracket. We can also create vertical banner stands to match hanging brackets for a cohesive system of signage throughout a commercial or cityscape. Please call toll free for custom vertical banner stand designs and other accessories.