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Mondrian 20in. Tapered Planter - Alpine White

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20"Dia. x 20"H
Base: 12.28"Dia.
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Large White Planters for Commercial & Residential Use

If the only thing dissuading you from using classic large white planters for your outdoor commercial application is the fear that they will quickly turn brown, you can stop right there. We have the planter solution for you. Our Mondrian round tapered planters aren't exactly like your average outdoor plant pots. While large-scale planters are often made from terra cotta or cement, these versatile planters employ an innovative resin composite construction to make them more durable and long-lasting than other planters out there on the market. Since resin is non-porous these large white planters are easy to keep clean. Simply give them a shower with the hose or wipe them with a damp cloth. From brown back to white in no time!

Benefits of Resin Construction

Another thing that makes resin an ideal material for outdoor and commercial applications is the fact that it is more hard-wearing than other natural materials like ceramic and wood. Our Mondrian planters are made from anti-shock material that can withstand tumbles and bumps. These large white flower pots are safe for use in parking lots, on busy patios and courtyards, along facades and entryways, and in gardens. Since they are made from composite plastic, these plant containers are also rot-resistant in any type of weather. Extreme temperature changes won't effect this sturdy double-wall construction. Our white tapered planters are also fade-proof in direct sun.

Decorative Round Front Porch Planter

White tapered planters add a timelessly elegant appeal to your outdoor scenery. Create the perfect focal point for your façade with this round front porch planter. Greet guests in traditional style by filling it with colorful blooms to match with every season. Since it is lightweight, this resin pot is the perfect container garden planter for decks and balconies. With a 10.71-gallon capacity and large upper opening, these sizeable planters are even equipped to house ornamental trees and shrubs.

20"Dia. x 20"H
Base: 12.28"Dia.