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Match Light Linear Trough 'V' shape

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DIY For Exactly the Fire Feature You Want

Outdoor fire troughs serve a functional purpose of bringing heat for entertaining on chilly days; they also add a decorative upscale element to your yard or patio, especially when you build your own fire feature to match your façade. A long rectangular fire trough filled with dancing flames is truly a sight to behold. We make sure that you have a brilliant and steadfast fire every time when you add this linear gas fire pit insert to your DIY fire pit shell. With a V-shaped design it is ideal for fire features that use decorative fire glass or lava stones since it uses less stones to fill the narrow pan. Create a dazzling display with glittering reflective fire glass that seems to glow from within.

About Gas Fire Pit Burners

Natural gas and propane burners are a convenient alternative to old-fashioned wood burning fires, cleaner burning without the constant need for firewood. And, like all of our stainless steel burners, these V-shaped burners are designed to last much longer than the competition. The linear trough burner has extra strong side walls for holding fire glass or rocks, and a pan lip that provides for a recessed burner. The burner pan has weep holes for drainage. We also include a special Spider Guard around the fittings that keeps out insects that are often drawn to the gas, preventing them from clogging the valve.

Versatile Match Lighting Ignition

Also available in electronic and push button ignition, this match light trough setup gives you ease and flexibility. Build it anywhere you like without having to worry about wires or batteries. Just a match is all you need. This simple ignition system comes with a valve mounting bracket, 36" flex line, and a key adjust flame size. Instructions on installation and operation are also included. Easily start your fire by turning the key to open the valve.

Detailed Dimensions for Match Light Burner Inserts

Choose from lengths 24" to 72". All trough style burner inserts measure 5.4"W (interior) x 7.9"W (exterior, includes lip)