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60in. Rectangular Ready to Finish Fire Pit Kit - Match Light

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60"L x 24" x 18"H

Build Your Own Fire Pit

Build your own fire pit anywhere on your property, from the patio right outside your back door to that secluded intimate spot in the woods. It's easy to do with these customizable inserts. Our large fire pit kits come to you fully assembled with top-grade gas fire fittings installed. The hardiboard shell is a blank canvas, just waiting for you to add your own unique finish. Choose anything from stucco to marble. With at least three feet of blazing fire within, this long rectangular fire pit is sure to be the focal point of your outdoor entertaining space, no matter where you place it.

Fire Pits for Hotels and Restaurants

Our large rectangular units are the perfect decorative addition to hospitality and commercial spaces like restaurants and hotels. They add just the right touch of natural elegance that makes yours an unforgettable space. Perfectly match your façade's stone cladding or choose decorative tile in a matching color scheme. Not only are they handsome, but these convenient features also provide an element of much-appreciated warmth for guests to gather around on those chilly evenings. You can choose the standard 37" length burner or upgrade to the 49" burner to add even more fireside enjoyment.

High-Quality Outdoor Fire Pit Inserts

This rectangular fire pit package features a long interlink burner made from #304 18-gauge stainless steel, an incredibly durable outdoor fixture. It has side walls with added rigidity and comes with a dependable 5-year warranty. This burner also features weep holes for drainage, secure gas fittings for extra strength, and special Spider Guard protection around the fittings to prevent stray insects from clogging up the valves. Choose your fuel insert from either natural gas or liquid propane. With standard match light ignition, this product is easy to start and won't ever require batteries or a power source, providing you with more installation freedom.

*Max BTU: 65K
*Ships via common carrier on pallet, customer must be available to accept delivery.
*CSA Certified in US and Canada

60"L x 24" x 18"H