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Little Italy Historic District, San Diego

Little Italy Spruces up with Hanging Planters
22" hanging planters showcase all manner of floral displays and Little Italy has put them to good use in their revitalization project. This "hip and historic urban neighborhood" just north of downtown San Diego has undergone major redevelopment since the late 1990s. Honoring the community's Italian-American heritage with its new life as a design and entertainment district, colorful hanging baskets and business curb appeal became part of the mix.

The pedestrian friendly neighborhood now beautifies its streets with over 300 of our 22" English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Baskets. Planted with bright red and pink geraniums, these robust outdoor hanging plant holders add vibrancy to walkways, delighting visitors, residents, and business owners alike. Hung from period style lamp poles using custom pole brackets, these hanging self-watering planters have quickly became a reliable art deco visual for all. The added irrigation systems make upkeep a breeze, reducing frequent watering that keeps both water and staff time costs at a minimum.

22" English Garden Flat Steel Hanging Basket with Coco Liner and Chain
22" Fiberglass Hanging Basket Insert
Commercial Hanging Basket Brackets
22" Hanging Basket Planter Well "Bowl" Shaped Reservoir

Hanging Plant Holders: A Beautification Solution for All

Besides their untold beauty, our powder coated hanging basket planters provide weather resistant protection against the elements. This makes them a smart buy for city streets and civic organizations, even private business. Just imagine: beauty and durability. The included coconut coir liner in each basket is made from natural coconut coir, husks and tree sap. It retains moisture and when used with reservoir inserts can reduce watering significantly. In fact, plant life can stay hydrated for weeks, depending on plant type and weather conditions.

By incorporating numerous planters along city streets, pedestrians can enjoy the pull of a hanging garden. English Garden Commercial Hanging Baskets are easily adaptable to any city or business design scheme. They are available in several sizes, although we can custom manufacture to meet your specific plan requirements. Give us a call to discuss your next revitalization project today.