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Outdoor Artificial Living Wall Letters

Personalize a garden or advertise a new business with artificial living wall letters or numbers. Basically anything that could be written out on a sign or banner can be expressed much more uniquely using this realistic-looking artificial foliage--let your imagination be your guide. Being exposed to the elements isn't a problem, as each letter/number is made from durable, UV resistant materials over a long-lasting powder-coated iron grid. This makes them ideal for building numbers or housing complex names that need to be visible to delivery personnel and passing drivers. Letters are typically all capital block forms, with a 3:5 width/height ratio, but we welcome custom orders for different shapes and sizes.

Add outdoor artificial boxwood, ivy, or azalea letters, numbers, and forms to create unique storefront displays, improve special event/hospitality design, or beautify your office lobby. Shop predetermined forms below, or call for custom living wall design.

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36in.H Living Wall Letter, Outdoor
60in.H Living Wall Letter, Outdoor
84in.H Living Wall Letter, Outdoor

Indoor Artificial Living Wall Letters

Liven up your interior space with Artificial Living Walls using Green Wall Lettering. Use them to write any sentiment that reflects your business philosophy, or brand. Ideal for directional signage, as storefront dressing, in restaurant or hotel lobbies, even special events. With a full complement of 26 letters and 0 to 9 numbers, design your inside space with Giant Topiary Letters that forward the message you want to convey to customers, as signage for conference rooms, hotel registrations desks, and more. Custom orders for both capital and lowercase Alphabet Letters are welcomed as are special designs and logos. Manufactured with realistic Faux Ivy, boxwood, and azalea materials, Artificial Living Wall Letters never lose their color and require no maintenance. Combine with Fake Plant Walls for a natural look by adding green wall lettering that can even be coordinated with an authentic-looking Artificial Boxwood Hedge. Call our staff today for information on special custom design and size requests.

Designing With Indoor Artificial Living Wall Letters

Designing or refurbishing your inside space? Green Wall Lettering makes a compelling statement when sprucing up blank walls or as contrast to conventional art. Use Alphabet Letters to direct interior traffic to auditoriums, conference rooms, restrooms and business departments and much more. Made with the finest Faux Ivy, boxwood, and azalea material, Giant Topiary Letters can even be coordinated to match opposing Fake Plant Walls manufactured using the same materials. As one of the most effective ways to bring the outdoors inside without the maintenance and expense of living plants, Artificial Living Walls and green wall lettering offer a natural look to otherwise predictable inside spaces. Some companies even enjoy adding an Artificial Boxwood Hedge to match.

Basic indoor alphabet letter sizes include:

  • 21"L X 36"H
  • 36"L X 60"H
  • 50"L X 84"H.

We thrive on custom orders so if your business requires smaller or larger sizes, we welcome them. In addition, if you have a special shape, logo, or brand design, please give us a call. We’d be happy to work with you.

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