14in. Square Living Wall Planter

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If you've admired the living walls you've seen in commercial applications, but thought it'd be too hard to create the same stunning effect for your own outdoor spaces, then it's time to think again. Our living wall Greenwalls kits come with everything you need to create striking green covered walls that you can plant and tend to yourself. You don't have to be an expert gardening or landscaper to enjoy the vibrant and lush green hues, or colorful blooms, of a real, living wall. All you need is a bare wall in need of a little beauty with plenty of sun.

These kits come with everything you need to get started aside from the plants you wish to grow. It features a black polished metal frame for a sleek look even before your plants begin to take root. 18 plants can be held within, and you choose the seedlings you desire to create a unique look that's exactly what you're going for. Coconut coir is also added to promote proper water retention and drainage, preventing under and over watering in one all natural, convenient item. Not only do these make a stunning statement in any location, but they're also ideally suited for gardening projects children can complete, or they work well to add a bit of nature's beauty to your patio or pool areas.

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Length 14"
Height 14"
Width 5"
Material Wrought Iron
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