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15" Wide - Single Panel Cedar Louvered Exterior Shutters

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15" Wide, Sold by the Pair
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These shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

All of these southern exterior shutters are made to order just for you, making it easy to accommodate virtually any home decor theme or utility requirements. These louvered shutters provide a relaxed and rustic look, not to mention, a traditional appeal to any home. Yet, they are also simple enough in design to work well with more modern or contemporary settings. Specialized hardware (sold separately) easily allows these shutters to become fully operational, giving you all the function and charm of the shutters found on Old World cottages through the years. Or, if you prefer, choose decorative hardware to keep thing simple and get the look you want without the moving parts. Our southern exterior shutters are shipped as natural cedar for a stunning effect. Easily paint or stain them to accommodate the look that matches your exterior design. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot, pests, and mold so your shutters maintain their visual appeal through the years minus the problems experienced with other lumber. If you need something truly unique, contact our custom support professionals to discuss custom sizing and color options. We're here to ensure you find the right shutters to update your home in whatever way you like.

15" Wide, Sold by the Pair
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