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Montrose 31in. Low Profile Bowl Planter - Alpine White

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31.75"Dia. x 7.75"H

Low Bowl Planter for Water Gardens

When natural gardening and upscale design meet it can be a truly beautiful sight to behold. We can get you started on you quest for the perfect stylish and functional water garden display with our large Montrose white planter bowls. These modern low planter bowls have all the elegant grace of chic custom pottery with the functional value of a lightweight and durable planter container. Use this generously sized low bowl planter to create an eye-catching centerpiece on your dining room or reception room table, balcony or deck, or tucked into outdoor flowerbeds.

Creating a "Still Pond" in a Bowl

Water gardens, also called "still ponds," are exactly what you would think from the name: miniature plant-filled ponds that you grow yourself in watertight containers. You don't need a hole in the ground for these water features, and you don't need green thumbs. Water gardens are simple to cultivate and maintain with a little bit of care and attention. The best place to start is with our resin white planter bowls, designed specifically for water gardening. They are light in weight, so easy to transfer if need be (such as indoors for winter). They are made from a weatherproof and anti-shock resin composite material that will not crack, warp, or fade. Featuring a resilient and insulating double wall construction, these planters are non-porous and created without drainage holes to hold water effectively.

Versatile White Planter Bowls

Each large low bowl planter holds approximately 4 gallons of water and plants. Choose your favorite aquatic plants, working with a variety of heights and textures for the optimal visual effect. You can add decorative rocks or even small fish to complete your pond display. These white planter bowls have a simple silhouette that goes well with both modern and traditional décor in homes, offices, and spas, or in outdoor entertaining spaces.

31.75"Dia. x 7.75"H