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Villagio Low Bowl Planter

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This member of the Villagio family of round fiberglass planters brings a dramatic, low bowl design into the mix. A flat, horizontally stretched layout makes these commercial planters ideal for topping off pillars and freestanding columns on a rooftop patio or sun deck. And although suited for the rigors of outdoor planter status, interior designers will not hesitate to bring them inside for creation of stunning focal points.

The fiberglass construction of these commercial planters makes it easy for designers, architects and planners to customize based on individual project components. Choose a color and finish that gels with existing design elements, or inspire creative floral arrangements by starting with a customized round fiberglass planter. Whether placed on pedestals in a contemporary interior fountain, or filled with succulents in a low-water Italian garden, the Villagio low bowl functions well as an indoor or outdoor planter. Your design budget will thank you for the functional durability of a commercial planter built to stand the test of time, while your clients' deciphering eye will fawn over this aesthetically pleasing addition to their commercial-scape.

For more information on available sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.

48" Dia. x 12"H Low Bowl Villagio Planter
If you're in search of a durable commercial planter capable of looking fantastic while handling the demands of heavy planting loads and placement in less than friendly elements, look no further than the Villagio low bowl planter -a part of the Planters Unlimited collection of round fiberglass planters. The shallow, stretched silhouette of this indoor/outdoor planter can add a dramatic, horizontally elongated element to any design space whether perched atop a veranda pillar or flanking the centerpiece of a grand hotel lobby.

Join the many designers, architects and planners who have already discovered the functional and creative versatility of our commercial fiberglass planters, stemming from a durable lightweight construction and various customization options including size, color and finish. Whether you're building on a particular vision within your design concept or looking for a bit of inspiration, the right feel can certainly sprout from this style of round fiberglass planter.

At Planters Unlimited, we understand your criteria for purchasing commercial planters is as unique as your design aesthetic. For this reason, the Villagio is available in more than fifteen different colors across two finishes, smooth or textured sand. The flexibility in fiberglass construction also allows for us to customize a commercial grade indoor/outdoor planter within the framework of your design plans. Another beauty of fiberglass is its ability to be molded in such a way that mimics other common landscaping and interior design materials, such as concrete and clay. If your commercial-scape is rustic in nature, look to combine one of our earthen tones with a textured sand finish, or imitate clay pottery by choosing terracotta with a smooth finish. In other words, find the design component you need without the hassle of a heavy outdoor planter demanding of regular upkeep. Need to mix and match or move them around to satisfy your eye? Not a problem -these round fiberglass planters can be placed on casters for easy relocation.

The Villagio low bowl round fiberglass planter is offered in a standard size of 48"D and 12"H. If these dimensions don't fit your needs, contact customer service for more details on custom sizes or other comparable styles.

For more information on available sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.