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Rosetta Bowl Fiberglass Planters

To subtly complement its steeply tapered and breathtaking profile, we added a stylishly understated top edge detail to the Rosetta Bowl Planter. Plus it is available in five different sizes, different finishes and textures, and a generous choice of attractive colors to accentuate any decorative scheme or beautify any outdoor landscape. Use it as a stand-alone feature or centerpiece, or create groupings to display your greenery and flowers while adding a special brand of elegance to any interior or exterior space.

The Rosetta's large diameter works particularly well to visually anchor a building's spacious entryway, lobby, or reception area.

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Rosetta Bowl Planter 48in.Dia. X 14in.H
Rosetta Bowl Planter 60in.Dia. X 14in.H
Rosetta Bowl Planter 96in.Dia. X 16in.H
Rosetta Bowl Planter 112in.Dia. X 18in.H
Rosetta Bowl Planter Bench 112in.Dia. X 18in.H
The Rosetta Bowl Planter creates its own distinct magic without detracting or distracting from its surroundings or from the beauty of the plants inside it. Define an outdoor courtyard or add life and luxury to an otherwise vacant and expansive interior space. Or make a beautiful Rosetta Bowl the central focus of a decorative layout involving multiple planters surrounding it in a complimentary grouping. Place a distinctive row or line of Rosetta Bowl Planters in a big plaza or along the border of a property. Use them to define and enhance the front facade of a shopping center, high rise apartment building, hospital, bank, or hotel. Or position them along the edge of a parking lot, sidewalk, swimming pool, or terrace to create a green buffer zone that helps to block the sight and sound of traffic along a busy street.

Plus, the Rosetta Bowl Planter 1/2 with its uniquely graceful silhouette 1/2 is waterproof, super resistant to scuffing and cracking, and deceptively strong. These durable planters are capable of withstanding years of commercial use inside your buildings or outside in the elements.