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Lynx Rectangular Cast Stone Planters

With a virtually endless array of commercial applications, the Lynx Rectangular Outdoor Planters are a striking blend of form and utility. Each slender rectangle makes provides a sleek but spacious growing area for bamboo, shrubs, and other tall plants. Use to partition off spaces for dining and relaxing, especially for eateries, malls, and city squares. They'll also make a wonderful growing location for flowers along storefronts and any place in need of a bit of color.

These large stone planter boxes come in six finish options, allowing for perfect coordination with your design ideas. Additionally, they're far lighter than comparable concrete planters thanks to the addition of fiberglass reinforcement. Even so, they're incredibly weather resistant and able to hold up against Mother Nature with resistance to cracks and other damage. The bottom features the addition of pre-drilled holes to provide proper drainage and prevent over watering. Mix and match with our other Lynx planter shapes and sizes to create a unique ensemble of your very own. Choose from GFRC or extra lightweight fiberstone.

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Lynx Cast Stone Planter 48in.L x 16in.W x 16in.H

Lynx Rectangular Cast Stone Planters

Capitalizing on the stunning Lynx Rectangular Cast Stone Planters for your business design provides a striking vessel for vivid green plants and brightly colored blooms and blossoms. Available in six different shades, these large stone planter boxes provide a generous space for planting. Their shape is particularly conducive to lining walkways and along footpaths. Due to their size, they can also be very effectively used to delineate space in courtyards, grassy areas, atriums and patios. Lynx rectangular outdoor planters will hold small shrubs or fruit trees, further adding height and dimension to any exterior decor. As versatile modern concrete planters, they can even be effectively used as barricades in front of city hall or other civic buildings. By creating the impression that they are heavy, the cast stone appearance is actually quite deceptive in that they are lighter in weight. The secret is in the fiberglass mixture, which adds not only durability but also longevity.

One Generous Size; Infinite Custom Possibilities

This long rectangular planter comes in a magnanimous 48 inch long by 16 inch wide by 16 inch high size. As impressive as this is, should your design plans call for smaller or larger dimensions, we can easily make whatever you require. That goes for color possibilities as well as finishes. The sand or smooth textures can be customized to suit your needs, making the Lynx planter very adaptable. Our customization potential is enhanced by the remarkable durability of modern materials used in its construction. Available in GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) or upgrade to Fiberstone, Lynx planters are incredibly tough. Mimicking all the heft of concrete, they actually weigh a mere quarter of their heavier counterpart yet remain far more durable. Mixed with the highest grade concrete and reinforced with resins and glass fibers, they won't crack, chip or split. Consequently, they last longer and hold up better.

Add-ons Increase Convenience

The Lynx planter comes with pre-drilled drain holes to provide adequate drainage and soil aeration but they can be ordered without for indoor use. Add a saucer to prevent spills and eliminate exterior stains as well. Casters make the perfect addition as well, turning the Lynx into an easily movable plant container. Call for additional information or to discuss custom options today: 888-320-626.