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Lyon Cast Stone Planters

The intricate design of our Lyon Cast Stone Plant Pots adds architectural interest and aesthetic appeal to any hotel or resort lobby, outdoor shopping mall, boulevard, or park. It also makes a compelling addition to any patio, especially in grand or luxury homes where such a stunning large planter finds itself right at home. Each of our large outdoor planters is crafted by professional artists, and elegantly detailed to make a dramatic statement. The Lyon boasts interwoven elements that resemble a wicker basket, adding a simple charm to the look that cannot be denied.

Like most of our tall concrete planters, the Lyon is fashioned from concrete composite and features a reinforced fiberglass that decreases the weight while increasing the durability and strength. This not only is indispensable for locations where weight is an issue, but it also makes it easier to transport or rearrange the pieces when needed. Weather resistance is also an important attribute, allowing for years of flawless performance and strength.

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Lyon Round Cast Stone Planters
Lyon Rectangular Cast Stone Planters
Lyon Square Cast Stone Planters

Elegant Lyon Cast Stone Planters

With a design reminiscent of a lovely French basket weave, the Lyon Cast Stone Plant Pots provide a winning combination of both visual and textural appeal. Perfectly placed in a wide variety of locations, from a 5-Star resort to your home town's pedestrian shopping mall, these large outdoor planters come in several shapes including round, square, and rectangular. As such, the Lyon cast stone planter collection can be easily incorporated around your commercial property due to their diverse shapes and sizes. The round Lyon is available in seven standard dimensions from the more petite 18.5 x 13 inch size to the large planter size of 42 x 32 inch size. Create a staggered effect to enhance your display. Or mix round and square planters for a pleasing artistic effect. It seems the sky is the limit with these planting pots.

Lightweight Durability of Tall Concrete Planters

When choosing round, square or rectangular Lyon Cast Stone Planters, their material assets will astound you. Made from a rugged and durable mixture of glass fibers reinforced in a concrete base (otherwise known as GFRC,) cast stone planters are only a quarter of the weight of 100% concrete planters. This makes a tremendous difference when choosing tall concrete planters as they are easier to ship and far easier to move from one place to another. GFRC is substantially more durable than concrete. It's weather-resistant and won't break, preventing cracking or chipping. These features offer a much longer shelf life--a smart buy as well as a beautiful choice to be sure.

The Lyon round, square and rectangular planter lines are also available made from Fiberstone, a cement composite that weighs less than GFRC but is even more durable. Fiberstone is ideal for use in busy or crowded public spaces where impact is more likely.

Cast Stone Planter Decor that Makes the Difference

Designers and landscapers love to use cast stone planters and the Lyon outdoor planter pots add dimension and artistic effect in a wide variety of locations. From elegant home estates to casino entrances to any commercial building courtyard, Lyon cast stone pots can either dress up or dress down the immediate environment they call home. The Lyon presents the look of the French countryside when flanking the entrance to a health spa. And they can equally add a gracious sophistication when arranged strategically near outdoor cafes. With multiple location possibilities, numerous sizes to choose from, we can also custom fit size, shape or color to whatever your design plans require. So give us a call to discuss your next project.