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Lyon Round Cast Stone Planters

A little contemporary and a little traditional, our large planting pots are equal parts beautiful and versatile. The Lyon Modern Planter Pots are sure to spread the charm wherever they are placed. Although these are large planting pots, their woven pattern gives them a reminiscent look that heralds back to simple wicker baskets. Each planter is expertly designed and crafted by skilled artisans who take great pains to ensure that each item is held to the same high standards. That means you get a concrete planter that works just as well for luxurious resorts as it does along quaint roadways in need of a little color.

Where most other stone planters are heavy and hard to move, these are reinforced with fiberglass. This gives them the benefits of both materials, allowing them to be lighter in weight and easier to move, while also maintaining the strength of concrete. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement) planters are highly weather resistant and crafted to stand up against the rigors of commercial outdoor use without losing style or function. They're the ideal blend of beauty and strength.

All of our cast stone planters are fully customizable with a range of striking options when it comes to colors, sizes, and other embellishments such as personalizing them with your company's brand, logo or lettering. We can customize your order to add wheels to planters, custom color match and can even ship planters populated with artificial plants.

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Lyon Round Cast Stone Planter 18.5in.D x 13in.H
Lyon Round Cast Stone Planter 19.5in.D x 15.5in.H
Lyon Round Cast Stone Planter 23in.D x 16in.H
Lyon Round Cast Stone Planter 25in.D x 19in.H
Lyon Round Cast Stone Planter 30in.D x 22.5in.H
Lyon Round Cast Stone Planter 35in.D x 25in.H
Lyon Round Cast Stone Planter 42in.D x 32in.H