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Lyon Rectangular Cast Stone Planters

The Lyon Rectangular Planters start with a sleek shape and are combined with a detailed woven texture and pattern, reminiscent of wicker baskets. This adds a level of visual interest and detail not often seen in garden planter boxes. It also lends an element of charm that bodes well for a wide range of design themes. Place large commercial planters in resorts or hotels, well as for retail and commercial spaces, casinos, malls, and cityscapes. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Each of our cast stone rectangular planter boxes is crafted by hand, using the skills of expert artisans who put their all in everything they do. The results are nothing short of brilliant, with intricate texturing and supreme durability ensured with every GFRC planter we make. And unlike old fashioned solid stone planters of the past, these are made with cement and fiberglass that adds to the weather resistance and longevity of each piece, while also decreasing their overall weight. The manufacturing and materials make them not only ideal for locations where weight is an issue, but also easier to move during times of replanting and rearranging.

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Lyon Cast Stone Planter 48in.L x 16in.W x 16in.H

Cast Stone Lyon Rectangular Planters

The Lyon Rectangular Planters made of ruggedly beautiful cast stone sports a textural wonder with its French weave finish. Ideal when placed in large home gardens, used as large hotel garden pots, or placed in upscale resorts and health spas, these garden planter boxes present an elegant style indeed. When filled with colorful floral arrays, dramatic succulents, wispy grasses, or small shrubs, the Lyon rectangular planter boxes possess city charm as well as country enticement. The ultimate commercial cast stone window box, the Lyon is made with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) which makes them the most durable garden planter boxes available.

GFRC Equals Cast Stone Planters

GFRC planters, otherwise known as cast stone, are known for their amazing properties. Possessing a mere quarter of concrete's weight, they actually are far more durable, outlasting the heavier product that they mimic. Glass fibers reinforce the lesser amount of concrete to actually make it tougher as well as more flexible. While it looks like stone, conveys the heft of concrete and stone, cast stone planters have all the benefits of fiberglass planters. They won't crack or chip like concrete can. Plus, the material is flexible enough to create the French weave pattern you see on these lovely Lyon rectangular cast stone planters.

Location and Customization Options

The Lyon rectangular planters are easily customizable due to their inherent flexibility. Our skilled craftsmen can customize size and color to whatever your design plans require. Available in 6 standard colors, just let us know what shade or hue you need to match or complement your exterior decor. We can also create the size you need, larger or smaller than the standard size(s) we carry. Further, if you'd like to add your company logo to the front, we can customize that too. Adding branding is a great way to increase your company's visibility with the Lyon planter. Set these lovely planters out front for visitors to enjoy. Place in strategic locations near entryways or along garden paths. No matter where the Lyon is placed, you can be sure pedestrians and clients will love the beauty of these elegant cast stone planters. Call today to discuss your next project.