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Metal Halide Goosenecks with Integral Ballasts

Please note every Gooseneck Light, also known as RLM lights available at Sign Bracket Store are available as remote ballasted Metal Halide (MH) fixtures. Please call to discuss additional charge for remote ballasted MH's.

Metal Halide Goosenecks with integral ballasts combine a long-life, high intensity lamping option with versatile light fixture design. The all aluminum SL-AE1-ANG810 Outdoor Gooseneck Sign Light from Sign Bracket Store makes ideal lighting for large signs or awnings and, although typically wired for incandescent applications, this fixture can be configured as a metal halide gooseneck light by request.

With metal halide integral ballasts, you not only get a high intensity lamp, but also an accessible ballast that is easily serviceable. Unlike fixtures with remote ballasts, lighting that uses metal halide integral ballasts is easily accessible through either the mounting plate or lampshade.

Each outdoor metal halide gooseneck light comes with a round aluminum wall mount or box mount backplate designed for installation to any standard 4" outdoor weatherproof box or recessed 4" octagon box. Aluminum backplates, aluminum gooseneck arms and aluminum shades are all powder coated to match.

Metal Halide Goosenecks are available for phone order. Please call 1-888-919-7446, 7am - 5pm PST, M-F.

A commercial metal halide light is a high intensity, long lasting alternative to compact fluorescent or incandescent lamping options. At Sign Bracket Store, a Metal Halide Gooseneck Light can be created from many of the Goosenecks featured on our website, like the aluminum HID Gooseneck Fixture pictured above.

On top of an efficient lamping option, metal halide integral ballasts also have a versatile nature. Metal Halide Goosenecks with integral ballasts have their source of current and voltage integrated into the backplate or lampshade rather than hard-to-get-at remote ballasting. On top of that, a commercial metal halide light with a gooseneck arm is an attractive design that can easily be angled at signs or other target areas for lighting.

Each HID Gooseneck Fixture is constructed with a box mount backplate or round aluminum wall mount with mounting holes that are 3-1/2" on center, allowing for installation to any recessed 4" octagon box or standard 4" outdoor weatherproof box. Aluminum across the whole fixture is finished in matching powder coated paint.

A Metal Halide Gooseneck Light is easy to fire up in frigid temperatures, making it a brilliant alternative for cold weather climates. On top of that, metal halide integral ballasts are a combination that is easily serviceable in extreme applications where more strain is placed on lighting fixtures. In any climate, commercial or residential applications, Metal Hallide Goosenecks with integral ballasts have the same classic aesthetic from the outside, with a more efficient lighting configuration than traditional incandescent fixtures.

Bulb options for Metal Halide Goosenecks include the following: 50W, 50WMH, 70WMH, 100WMH, 150WMH and 175WMH. For more information on product specifications, such as ballast to lamp distances on outdoor and indoor fixtures, one of our lighting experts can answer detailed questions on any HID gooseneck fixture.

Metal Halide Goosenecks are available for order via toll free phone call. An experienced member of our team will discuss your project, lighting needs and available options. Please call 1-888-919-7446, 7am - 5pm PST, M-F.