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36in. Regalia Decora Window Box with Textured Bronze Liner (Hammered Finish)

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Length + 1" x 8 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H
Taper Reduces Bottom:
Length by 3" x Width by 2 1/2"

Benefits of Flower Boxes for Railings
Not everyone has a huge yard. Nor does everyone have numerous easily accessible windows for your typical window box gardening setup. That's why we're happy to offer an array of brackets and coordinating hardware that allows you to create your dream garden even if you're limited in both these areas. Planters can be placed along railings, making them easy to use even for those who live on upper levels. They can also be mounted to walls, fences, and other flat, sturdy surfaces. Having the garden oasis you've always wanted is now easily within reach no matter where you live. Without a doubt, you'll enjoy an elite sense of style and unbeatable durability and strength in our metal and iron planters.

Powder Coating for Weather Resistance
Both the cages and liners we offer are powder coated to prevent weather damage. The cage is made from wrought iron, and is handcrafted by artisans who really take pride in offering a quality product. Each one is then given a black finish which is baked into the metal directly, preventing fading, peeling, rusting, and other issues that conventional paint faces. Additionally, the interior liner has undergone a dual step process for even more protection against the elements. That way you're assured that your purchase will last season after season without breaking down or wearing out. They'll hold up even in areas with high humidity or when placed in areas with direct sunlight.

Customization Meets Convenience
Our metal and iron planters are made for ease of use, so you don't have to be an expert gardener to enjoy them. Liners come in additional sizes and materials, and each one features holes pre-drilled into the bottom to keep over-watering at bay by allowing proper drainage. To make thing even simpler, add the optional internal watering system to deliver moisture directly to plant root systems, even when you're not around to do the watering. Or, take things to another level of convenience and choose from our vast selection of artificial flowers and plants, and forget the watering and pruning altogether!

Length + 1" x 8 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H
Taper Reduces Bottom:
Length by 3" x Width by 2 1/2"

Click Here for Metal Window Box Installation Instructions
Hooks and Lattice Decora Installation Picture
Bolts sold separately and not included. Your hardware will vary depending on the surface you are mounting your window box planter to.