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Contemporary metal wall art and modern wall art decor offers a refreshing update to any room throughout the house. Featuring components that generally gained in popularity following World War II, contemporary wall decor focuses on a freeform type of design with the use of abstract shape and color combinations.

Hooks and Lattice offers a broad and affordable selection of contemporary wall decor and colorful wall art that allows our customers to decorate with beauty, intrigue and style. Our new and ever-growing line of unique modern wall art decor will introduce abstract colors, angles and depth to an otherwise muted wall. Click on a photo or link below to view and buy medium and large contemporary metal wall art designs that come as individual units or separate panels. Each comes ready to make an enjoyable, memorable display.

In addition to contemporary and modern wall art decor, our website also features traditional, themed, and wooden wall hangings. Something to suit every style, and every home.

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Abstract Geometric Wall Art
Swirl Wall Medallion Grille
Italian Gold Floral Pinwheel Wall Medallion
For homes desirous of modern wall art decor that brings a sense of newness and mystique, contemporary metal wall art could be just the thing to update a living room, foyer or bedroom. Based on abstract and freeform creativity, each piece of contemporary wall decor we feature is undeniably interesting to look at.

Contemporary metal wall art featured above is offered in the form of single-hangings, or in multi-panel designs. For something different to mount above a mantle, in a great room alcove, or above a headboard in a master or guest bedroom, contemporary wall decor provides a unique option. Combined shapes, abstract patterns, and bold colors make a statement in any room of the house.

Modern wall art decor is also a popular choice for commercial interior design, including for office or retail spaces. Art and wall hangings are a relatively inexpensive way to make a property look and feel quite high-end and well designed. And contemporary metal wall art makes a memorable statement at the same time, urging regular patrons and visitors to remember a property for its enticing sense of personality.

Each piece of modern and contemporary wall decor in this product category is made from different types of metal that is worked into a canvas of its own. Colors, shapes and patterns find wonderful expression through the materials, with an enigmatic strength conveyed. Perhaps one of the best things about contemporary metal wall art is the ability of each person who sees it to decide what it means. Whether deemed beautiful or not, the pieces are always interesting and memorable.

Contemporary wall decor and metal hangings are most comfortable in similarly styled homes, but can also find relevance in a residence with classic or transitional design. The abstractness of these pieces gives homeowners the advantage of defining their display in anyway desired. Perhaps contemporary art is favored by a child or teenager in the home and utilized as a bedroom wall hanging. Contemporary metal wall art can also grace an office or a study, apart from the overall style of a home. Whether it's a singular expression or an out-and-out design aesthetic, contemporary and modern wall art decor will make a memorable statement in both homes and offices alike.