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Lush Grass in Medium 24in.H Modern Planter, Outdoor Rated

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42inH, 1.75 Grasses Per LNFT

Outdoor Artificial Plants Liven up Patios

Whether you're a business owner in search of a way to set the mood outside your business, or you're a homeowner who needs something different for the deck or patio, these faux grasses are sure to please. They look like the real thing, providing a lush, thick appearance that works well as barriers for outdoor sitting areas, indoor spaces in hotels or shopping malls, or even along your upper level balcony to separate your space from that of your neighbors. Place them in your existing patio planters, hanging baskets, or window boxes to create a unique effect just where you want it. You can even mix and match them with real plants to create your own one of a kind displays.

Suitable for Multiple Planter Types

One thing our customers love about these plants is that they are highly versatile. Use them in hanging baskets overhead to set the mood and enjoy greenery where floor or deck space is limited. They're also well suited for commercial planters when placed outdoors as privacy hedges and barriers, creating individual areas within a larger space. This makes them perfect for eateries and other areas where a bit of added privacy is desired. They're also designed to work well with numerous residential planters, whether mounted to walls and windowsills or along deck and patio floors. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Superior Durability you can See

An issue some people have with artificial plants of the past is their artificial look and inability to hold up in inclement weather and other outdoor conditions. Not an issue with these commercial grade faux grasses. They're designed using heavy duty but realistic materials that will not fade when placed out in normal sunlight, and they won't wear down when used in areas with heavy rain or cold weather. While real grasses and flowers die or wither when the temperatures drop, these will maintain their attractive appearance through the seasons with practically zero maintenance on your part. Just wipe clean from time to time and you're done.

42inH, 1.75 Grasses Per LNFT