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Lush Grass in Tall 36in.H Modern Planter, Outdoor Rated

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54inH, 1.75 Grasses Per LNFT

Ambiance in Any Locale

Plants aren't just a way to add a touch of nature to homes and patios, they also liven up business spaces to invite customers into your store or restaurant. But busy small business and home owners don't always have time to mess around with real plants, and landscapers can cost a fortune. These privacy grass hedges are an ideal solution for those who want the ambiance and setting created by real plants, but who don't have the time or money to deal with the real thing. They have a truly authentic appearance that rivals their live counterparts, so only you have to know that they are artificial. These grasses combine easily with real hedges if you choose. Even better, they aren't limited by your local weather conditions, they make a wonderful addition to indoor and outdoor areas wherever your home or business happens to be. Plants have an internal wire frame and wire stems, allowing them to hold their shape easily, as well as making adjustments possible for more tailored arrangements.

Multiple Uses and Designs

Our customers love that these exterior artificial grasses are useful for a wide range of functions. Homeowners enjoy placing them in hanging baskets for use on porches and patios to add a bit of a natural touch to their homes. They also add instant curb appeal and create a more "put together" appearance when lined in planters on the porch or when combined with existing plant life in the flower bed, and they're great for creating an outdoor space divider for those who live in close proximity to their neighbors, such as in apartments or condominiums. This purpose also extends to commercial functions, allowing business owners to separate outdoor spaces into multiple private areas. Perfect for eateries and exterior seating areas where consumers enjoy the open air but still want a little privacy.

Low Maintenance Upkeep

The thing most people dislike about real plants is the maintenance. Watering, trimming, pruning, and keeping them at a consistent temperature isn't always easy. Artificial shrubs don't require any of this, so you save time. You'll never have to pick up a watering can or trimming shears. No watering also means money saved on utilities. Add one of our high quality planters and you'll find that you barely have to take note of your plants at all, aside from enjoying their lush beauty and appeal.

54inH, 1.75 Grasses Per LNFT