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Elmhurst 36in. Low Rectangular Planter

The Elmhurst Low Rectangular Planter is a simple, contemporary design that is made to last a lifetime. A unique, anti-shock resin is used in the fabrication of this plant container, making it very light in weight and completely resistant to the effects of sun exposure as well as temperature extremes. Add planter boxes to:

  • Entrances and exit areas
  • Delineate dining spaces and other outdoor areas
  • Border patios and decks
  • Grow your own food - perfect for veggies and small fruit trees

Each of these rectangular resin planters has pre-drilled drainage holes and is the perfect solution for displaying living plants outdoors. With its low profile, this planter is suitable for many different spaces. These rotationally molded outdoor planters are available in an array of attractive colors and are backed by a manufacturer's 10 year limited warranty.

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Elmhurst 36in. Low Rectangular Planter - Caviar Black
Elmhurst 36in. Low Rectangular Planter - Weathered Greystone
Elmhurst 36in. Low Rectangular Planter - Mocha
Elmhurst 36in. Low Rectangular Planter - Antique Bronze

The Elmhurst 36 Inch Low Rectangular Planter

If you have been looking for an attractive low slung planter with plenty of room and lots of attitude and appeal, the Elmhurst 36 Inch Low Rectangular Planter is just the item for your home garden or patio. The low profile makes it ideal for being nestled up high on balconies or down low street-side, or even on patios. The Elmhurst lightweight garden planters make them easy to move around and as resin planters, they stand up in all kinds of inclement weather, be it the frigid cold or blistering sun. The Elmhurst planter is so rugged it is backed by our manufacturer's 10 year limited warranty too.

Four Finishes For Elmhurst Rectangular Planter Box

For a distinctive look, the Elmhurst rectangular planter box is available in four unique finishes. Choose between the Caviar Black, Weathered Greystone, Weathered Terra Cotta, and Antique Bronze. The bold and beautiful richness of Caviar Black provides a deep hue ideal against white flagstone, pastel home exteriors or white brick. The Weathered Greystone mimics limestone or aged granite, conveying all the look of heft minus the actual heft. With Weathered Terra Cotta, these low lying plant pots convey the fullness of their round clay terra cotta cousins and can easily complement square outdoor planters as well. With this much diversity in potential decor placement, the Elmhurst low rectangular planters become one smart buy for gardeners and curb appeal enthusiasts alike.

Benefits of Resin Planters

Resin planters in the Elmhurst style are manufactured from a rotational mold. This increases strength and durability while providing shock resistance at the same time. They do not crack or fade from the sun's ultraviolet rays. More durable than stone yet at a fraction of the weight, they stand up season after season with little to no maintenance required. Simply mist or rinse off with a damp cloth or hose when dust or dirt accumulates. The 36 inch Elmhurst planter pots measure 12 inches high, making them ideal for a low profile planter. Place outdoors near kitchens for close vegetable harvests. Or frame to border patios and fill with colorful flowers. In short, there's no end to the Elmhurst's versatility. For additional information, please contact our design specialists today.