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Elmhurst 48in. Rectangle Planter

Modern planters like the 48" Elmhurst planter have a special Úlan you won't want to miss. These modern planters, here in weathered concrete, actually work in either a contemporary or classic setting, making them an easy choice for a great size at a great price. You'll also love their 10-year warranty against sun fade or cracking, made possibly because they're actually crafted in lightweight resin, with weathered finishes and horizontal detailing adding two more pleasing visual dimensions. Other colors include weathered cotta, grey stone and caviar black, all in weathered tones. Another treat - our window box photo contest provides hundreds of winning ideas for a rectangular planter. You'll love the fact that most use inexpensive annual flowers available at most garden centers - the artistry is in the combinations. For the most exciting planter, plant 2" or 3" closer than suggested spacing - you'll have a lush look sooner, and it will last longer. The Elmhurst planter perfectly complements decks or porches. Very versatile!

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Elmhurst 48in. Rectangular Planter - Caviar Black
Elmhurst 48in. Rectangular Planter - Weathered Greystone
Elmhurst 48in. Rectangular Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Elmhurst 48in. Rectangular Planter - Antique Bronze
Elmhurst 48in. Rectangular Planter - Mocha
Modern planters with low rectangular lines like the 48" Elmhurst planter, which has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, can be hard to find, but you're in luck - end your search here. These modern planters have an amazing number of features you - or the lucky person to whom you give an Elmhurst planter - will love: ample size for a fabulous display in four great colors; horizontal detail that raises the bar far above cousins that are smooth sided; resin construction that looks like hand-crafted stone outdoor planter artistry, providing years of enjoyment (these modern planters are actually guaranteed against sun fade or weather damage such as cracking for a full 10 years of use); light weight that also provides stability, partly because of the artful rolled rim. You simply won't find planters with more features than these Elmhurst container planters, also suited to commercial use.

So start having fun with plants! Because these Elmhurst container planters are similar in shape to window boxes, you can take advantage of hundreds of proven container planter designs from our annual window box photo contest. You'll see the fully finished plant artistry that lets you craft a prize-winning container garden look from day one. With window box container planter winners from all over the country, you can be sure plants will be suited to your region, choose from full sun to part and even full shade and find color combinations that will wow in every setting. Planting tips include both successful and failed experiments, and we have both People's Choice and Designers Choice proven winners. The top People's Choice in 2010 was a rectangular container planter arrangement you could do in any sunny location, packed with a rainbow of vivid petunias, many the lovely trailing wave petunia variety, perfectly accented with tiny white alyssum (white is an ever-blooming annual, as contrasted with the perennial yellow alyssum, a spring bloomer). The top Designer's Choice suits partial shade as well, with a focus from White Splash Coleus, Torenia Purple Moon, white traditional impatiens and a trailing vine. Plants that offer this trailing look include Wire Vine Muehlenbeckia and maidenhair fern. With today's wide choice of trailing green and flowered vines for container planters you can't go wrong.