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Ritz Carlton, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Putting on the Ritz with Large Outdoor Planters
Featured in Florida Design magazine, this luxury condominium in Ft. Lauderdale's The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton offers spectacular 360 degree views. The patio's clean, contemporary design called for large outdoor planters that would not only look great, but also endure the blistering sun and salty sea air.

Our Modern Rectangular and Square Fiberglass Planters fit the bill. Their rich cool brown color makes them the perfect accent piece against the blue water beyond. With the magic and versatility of fiberglass materials, the water and terrace backdrop created quite a stir in the design world, and not just for Florida. Conveying the art deco look in this stunning setting, our fiberglass planters provide a wide variety of color and decor themes for any home and business.

Modern Rectangle Planters
19 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Modern Square Planters
12 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Modern Round Planters
20 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available

Modern Resin Planters offer Infinite Possibilities

While the resin planters chosen for this deck were done in brown, we have up to 19 standard colors to choose from. They come in numerous sizes and several shapes as well. In addition, we carry 4 textural finishes, which lets you create distinctive planter pots to accent whatever style you want to achieve. The flexibility of fiberglass facilitates an infinite number of colors, shapes and sizes, it is so versatile.

Whether you choose Modern rectangular, square, round or tapered fiberglass planters, each one can look uniquely its own. Ideal for more than upscale homes, our modern fiberglass planters provide staying power since they won't rot, warp, chip, or peel. This makes them an enduring investment, maintaining their beauty season after season.  Add a self-watering reservoir to keep plants hydrated for weeks at a time, (varies depending on plant variety and location).

For additional information on Modern Planters, call 888.320.0626 to speak with one of our design experts today.