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Montclaire 30 inch Round Planter

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Exterior: 30"Dia. x 34"H
Interior: 25.5"Dia. x 15.9"H

Ultra-Mod Tall Round Planter

After just a glance you can tell that this isn't your grandmother's classic round planter pot. With the Montclaire tall round planter we take that traditional round design and bring it up to the 21st century, complete with cutting-edge form and bold color options. The Montclaire planter has an appeal that is all about the unique eye-catching flair of today's art and fashion. Minimalist in overall appearance, this round cylindrical planter doesn't rely on extra ornamentation to draw admiring glances. Just the simple sloped top rim is enough to give this planter intrigue all its own. The subtle grooved texture is a perfect complement to complete the picture of modern elegance.

American-Made Vinyl Garden Planters

Though they showcase chic European style, our Montclaire vinyl garden planters are all America, made in the USA. We use a rotational molding process - similar to that of turning ceramic pots - to create these plastic planters, giving them a handmade look that is consistent from all angles. Each tall planter is made from high-quality polyethylene material (LLDPE) that is inherently weatherproof and fade-resistant. These planters will last for many years outdoors on your patio or porch. Rain or shine, they won't loose their glossy sheen or sturdy rigidity. Double-wall construction adds an extra layer of insulation and gives this planter its handsome thick-rimmed look.

Bold Color Choices

Adding to the bold contemporary look this ribbed planter is available in your choice of five stunning colors. We offer Black, Espresso, and Ivory for a more subdued look that blends in well with natural outdoor scenery. But if you want something that really pops you can choose our vivid Blue or Green options. These brilliant colors are sure to draw eyes from a distance and work well as accent pieces. This large round garden planter has a 22-gallon soil capacity so you are free to plant any combination of flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and even small trees that your heart desires.

Exterior: 30"Dia. x 34"H
Interior: 25.5"Dia. x 15.9"H