Montclaire 42 inch Tall Planter- 3 Colors

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Large Garden Pots with Style

Talk about vertical appeal! These large garden pots are sure to raise eyes up to the sky, standing over three feet in height. Imagine the impression you'll make when you fill these snazzy planters with some brushy ornamental grasses, colorful lilies, or upright palms. With a tall and slender silhouette, the Montclaire resin planter can draw attention to those overlooked areas and fill empty and uninspired spaces with modern panache. Our large round planters work just as well outdoors as they do indoors. They are rated for outdoor use in any type of climate since they are made from such a sturdy polyethylene material. Go ahead and add a stunning new focal point to your patio or front porch.

Vibrant Green to Chic Black Planters

The design of the Montclaire tall planter is simple yet full of personality. It features a tapered round silhouette that gracefully slims down to a minimal footprint - making it great for tight spaces. The sloped upper rim adds an extra touch of individuality, as if giving you a little extra peek at the greenery growing within. This delightfully asymmetrical embellishment gives it a distinctly modern appeal. We top off the design of this large planter with a grooved textured finish which increases durability while also adding visual interest. Whether you're looking for discreet black planters or eye-catching green pots, the Montclaire has what you're looking for. It is available in five attractive colors that can meet any design need.

Planters Built to Last

From dining room to dining patio, our Montclaire planters are designed to stand up to any environment. The high-grade polyethylene material is resistant to cracking, chipping, warping, and rotting. With these resin planters you get the look of real ceramic but none of the weight or fragility. Double-wall construction gives them both the look and reality of sturdy thickness. These planters are perfectly safe for direct-sun outdoor applications since they have UV-resistance built right into the material.

More Information
Height 42"
Diameter 22"
Top Length 22"
Top Width 22"
Style Contemporary, Large
Material Vinyl
Shape Round
Color Black, Blue, Brown, Green, White
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