24in. Ashton Moss Vine Window Basket

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IF you love the idea of a few strategically placed window boxes along your home's exterior, but want something a little different from your typical fiberglass or wood planters, then this moss window box is for you. IT's covered with a real mossy finish for a natural look that brings the beauty of Mother Nature right outside your window. Their lush appearance is ideally suited for virtually any home. Although they work beautifully amid traditional décor, they'll also find their place surrounded by contemporary themes as well. Additionally, they're weather resistant and won't succumb to the damage most conventionally designed planter undergo.
Moss helps plants grow and thrive, so your flowers stay healthier for longer when nestled lovingly inside this planter. Grow beautiful blooms for a striking contrast to the lush greenery that makes up the planter itself. Or, add more greenery or even herbs for a truly mesmerizing appearance. A myriad of eye-catching display options are possible with this beautifully designed planter.
In addition, it works well not only for installation along your windows, but also as a standalone item. Place them along patios or decks on wide railings, or sit them atop outdoor tables for a truly one of a kind centerpiece.

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Length 24"
Height 8"
Width 8.75"
Material Coconut Coir
Sizes 24"
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