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Designer Preserved Lichen Moss Wall Art

Framed and Preserved Lichen Moss Wall Art is a unique room decoration for commercial and residential spaces. Much like our artificial living walls, these preserved moss wall panels add an organic element to restaurants, bars and nightclubs, corporate offices and conversational seating areas.

Unlike thin preserved moss sheets our lichen moss art is sustainably farmed and harvested in Northern Europe. It's thick and soft to the touch making it fun décor for the young at heart. Each piece is handmade and all of our swirling, modern designs are truly one of a kind. You can request specific patterns, lettering or logos, or leave it up to our artists to make something spectacular just for you.

Buy preserved or dried moss online in your choice of colors and designs and enjoy maintenance-free indoor décor that is a delight to your senses. Not recommended for arid locations.

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Preserved Lichen Moss Wall Art in Frame 20in. x 24in.
Designer Lichen Moss Wall Art in Frame 20in. x 24in.

Designer Preserved Lichen Moss Wall Art

For the look and feel of custom moss wall creations, our Designer Preserved Lichen Moss Wall Art panels soften any environment while adding supple color in the process. The colored moss used in each of these distinctively designed creations adds a modern ambiance to many commercial spaces. Select from one of our European artisan-crafted pieces or request your own special pattern. Whichever you choose, you can be confident this decorative moss will accent a room with subtle flair. Handmade in sustainably harvested moss, our living wall can also include lettering, logos, or any iconic branding you wish to have incorporated in the piece.

Faux Moss as Distinguishing Art

Faux moss wall art is perfect for all kinds of indoor environments, excluding arid climates. Hang indoor moss walls behind the reception area of a boutique Bed & Breakfast lobby. They also make delightful additions to bedrooms, family rooms, even powder rooms. With the circular designs and color-coordinated appeal, each art piece provides an energetic and fresh palette for the young and the young-at-heart to enjoy. The color can be as subtle or bold as your request. Hang framed moss artwork along corridors, in conference rooms, or make it a centerpiece. Each living wall is crafted from dried or preserved moss before being dyed. It's soft too, providing a textural look and feel for the avant-garde aficionado.

Provide a Calming Affect Regardless of Location

Preserved lichen moss, because of its lovely texture and supple color combinations, is also perfect for corporate offices, marketing firms, hotels and other hospitality businesses. Imagine sitting down and leafing through a magazine with a living wall to keep the atmosphere tranquil. Moss wall art makes a dramatic departure from conventionally sterile artwork so often found in many waiting rooms. The soothing quality of Lichen Moss Wall Art provides a great alternative to the predictable. Select a handcrafted size that suits your space and either let European artists create something special or develop your own design. For additional information about Designer Moss Wall Art, call 888-320-0626 and speak with a design specialist today.