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Music Wall Art | Music Wall Decor | Music Note Wall Art | Jazz Wall Art

Music wall art always hits the right note. Picture music wall é for your family room, a music room or musical spot, a child's room or the office of anyone musically inclined. Our larger music wall art will grace a school music room or business, too. Everyone will feel a little jazzed up.

You can feel the flow of melody in our music wall decor, harmonizing easily with other decor with its black and metallic tones. Details in every musical element will delight you! Music note wall art features fine quality black wire for the staff and notes, and the 26" music note wall art adds fun with red notes plus clef and some note lines in brass? tones. In the horns section, jazz wall art features a saxophone or trumpet. Our beautifully detailed guitar music wall art perfectly accents guitar lines in its design, adding lively silver and rich brown tones.

Or perhaps you prefer the simple but striking single clef aluminum musical note choice to add music wall é to your surroundings.

Music wall art from Hooks and Lattice offer designers' best creations. You simply must click on each piece to fully appreciate how it can enhance any music wall decor theme or work as an accent, using fine wire and metal casting. See touches of color if you want to go beyond elegant black to harmonize with a bit more color in your music wall art. Rich metallic colors accent the sax and trumpet for perfect jazz wall art or anyone who loves those versatile instruments. The 26-inch music notes piece adds red and brass? tones, and the guitar silvers and reds.

Music wall decor is a distinctive standout in any room, and perfect for a music room or corner, a child's room, or anywhere else, including offices for music lovers. It's whimsical and fun but classically pleasing at the same time, and not drenched in colors that will bore you quickly. Flowing lines abound in music note wall art, along with vertical and horizontal pieces as well as shapes that are compact and close to square but never appear so because of their flow. For an exciting burst of silver, the treble clef aluminum musical note wall art, almost three feet in height, is the perfect choice.

And of course we have ensured that only the best materials and crafts are used to create music wall decor you can enjoy for many years. Add a little more music to your life!