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Naples Square Low Bowl Planters

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A low square planter silhouette adds a stunning touch to courtyards, pathways, gardens and entryways. With short square fiberglass planters from Planters Unlimited, landscape and commercial designers get a short square planter with a striking aesthetic and superior construction.

Each Naples Low Square Planter is made to personify short square fiberglass planters with the custom touches of your project. If you need something to resemble concrete, a short square planter with the right color and finish can accomplish it. For a low square planter with a clean, painted look simply choose from our extensive palette and fine-tune your hue with a smooth finish. With short square fiberglass planters available in custom sizes, colors and finishes, anything is possible. On top of custom options, our cutting edge fiberglass material does not split, warp or rot - whether in outdoor or indoor applications.

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For a short square planter with a durable, yet chic aesthetic, the Naples Low Square Planter from Planters Unlimited brings you resilient, short square fiberglass planters with a ton of personality. Available for order over the phone in your specific dimensions, a custom short square planter gives your project just what it needs.

With a low square planter, each container sits close to the ground. A short square planter makes for a brilliant addition to patios, walkways, gardens, courtyards and entryways or as an accent to place atop pillars. Short square fiberglass planters are adept for indoor or outdoor applications across a range of different projects, including residential and commercial design.

Each Naples Low Bowl Planter comes with our full range of choices for short square fiberglass planters with custom size, color and finish options. For a modern feeling low square planter, choose short square fiberglass planters in a wide diameter that will draw eyes to a central, yet low profile floral display. With a light or dark neutral hue and smooth finish, a short square planter makes a perfect contrast for fresh, green grasses and plants or clean rows of colorful flowers. Or, for a more utilitarian project, a fiberglass low square planter can be made to resemble concrete commercial planters and other heavier commercial grade materials.

With their lightweight, durable construction short square fiberglass planters are a winning combination of functionality and style. A low square planter made from fiberglass is easy to move and maintain, as the material will not crack or warp like large wooden or clay containers can. Also, fiberglass mimics the look of whatever short square planter you want, whether you want a rustic terra cotta vibe or a chic and contemporary finish.

To order a Naples Low Square Planter for a commercial or residential design project, a knowledgeable project manager at Planters Unlimited is eager to help build out your vision. In addition to short square fiberglass planters in the Naples style, we also offer an array of other standard and custom fiberglass planters via our website or over the phone.

To begin a project consultation for short square fiberglass planters, please call us at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.