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Match Light Rectangular H Burner Insert

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Complete Fire Pit Burner Kits

Strike a match! That's all it takes to get the party started with this natural gas or propane fire pit burner. No need to worry about electrical outlets or batteries. You can feel confident using a tried and true fire-starting method with these fire pit burner kits. And you can relax knowing that our high-quality rectangular burners are built to last a lifetime. Now you can add that final addition to your outdoor décor and customize it to your liking. Create a breathtaking fire trough right on your patio that coordinates with your façade. It's a great way to add to your property's value!

Choose a Natural Gas or Propane Fire Pit Burner

Our H-shaped burner inserts are easy to use and come fully assembled, including instructions on how to install and operate them. They can be used in any type of fire pit, trough or table. We offer this stainless steel burner in three convenient lengths. The only specification is that you use propane or natural gas fuel, and why would you want to go with anything else, anyway? Choose your preference at checkout. This basic trough-style burner insert has a raised hub H-burner for protection from water, weep holes for drainage, and bolted gas fittings for extra strength. It also includes a handy Spider Guard mesh around the fittings that protects the gas valve since spiders can be draw to gas.

Using the Match Light Ignition

Having a match light ignition system gives you more freedom to create the fire pit you want, where you want it. It is also a low cost alternative to electronic ignition. With this system you can easily start the fire by opening the key on the valve, which allows gas to flow. Then light the gas. You can turn the key counterclockwise to control the flame height. Then when you are finished for the night simply turn the key to the OFF position.

Detailed Dimensions for Match Light Burner Inserts

24"L x 12"W
30"L x 12"W
36"L x 14"W