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Nature Wall Art & Flower Wall Decor

Nature wall decor is a way to capture birds, flowers, insects and butterflies in the form of a mountable interior design accent. From flower wall art to butterflies, here metal and steel come together through artistic hammering and spot welding. These techniques produce nature wall art with intricate patterns and detail to please anyone who appreciates outdoor themes.

Supplied by Hooks and Lattice, each piece of nature wall art we feature makes an impeccable piece to display in a sunroom, kitchen or bedroom. Whether it's flower wall art hanging above an indoor planter, or nature wall decor to spruce up walls in an entryway or foyer, these pieces make a vibrant interior accent.

For more details, please click on individual product or product categories below. Each piece of nature wall decor is meant for interior use, although some hangings may work in covered outdoor applications.

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Butterfly and Dragon Fly Wall Decor Art
3 Dimensional Flower Wall Art
Urn Bouquet Grille
Price: $219.85
Floral Wall Decor with Mirror
Floret Fleur De Lis Grill (3 Colors)
Round Scroll Decor (2 Colors)
Gold Floral Medallion Art
Celebrate the outside, inside - with nature wall art supplied by Hooks and Lattice. Featuring flower wall decor and vibrant depictions of butterflies, each piece of themed nature wall decor is fresh and fun like the scenes they depict: A fact that draws gardeners, nature lovers and interior design enthusiasts alike.

The fact that butterfly and flower wall art captures the spirit of outdoor living makes these wall hangings an undeniable bright spot within interior design. And although nature wall decor is inspired by the outdoors, the designs need not only appeal to garden and wildlife buffs. In fact, some of the flower wall decor draws on abstract shapes and colors to put more of a contemporary twist on these metal wall hangings. So, whether a design calls for lifelike butterflies, or a more theoretical expression of beautiful flora, nature wall art can make an expressive decoration.

Each piece of nature wall decor is produced from quality metal materials that are hammered and welded to achieve artistic shape and texture. Flower wall art almost draws on a combination of living petals and patchwork quilting, making these hangings attractive to homeowners with a country, cottage or rustic design. Designs like the Colorful Flower Wall Decor in its clean circular formation can also be a hit in contemporary homes that could use a splash of color and semi-abstract themes.

By clicking on individual pieces of flower wall art or categories of nature wall decor - like butterfly designs - our customers can look at each product in more detail. Dimensions, materials and pricing information are all available, right here online.

In addition to the Nature Wall Art category of products, Hooks and Lattice also offers wall decor in various other designs and styles. By clicking on the Wall Art and Wall Decor category, online customers will easily navigate to our comprehensive offering of products and find something to suit modern, classic or rustic tastes. Depictions of butterflies and flowers are only the beginning. See what themed and abstract wall art can do for your home or office, and continue your search via Hooks and Lattice today.