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Composite Newport Premier Porch, Deck, and Patio Planter

Homeowners searching for the perfect deck and patio planters have come to the right place. Our Newport Premier Deck Planters are the best wood planter alternative. They have all the classic features of wood - smooth, clean lines with a pristine white painted surface - but none of the drawbacks. They won't warp, bow, rot or chip. This composite planter box comes in nearly half a dozen sizes but can be custom ordered to your exact specifications. Features and benefits:

  • No-rot cellular PVC construction
  • Drainage hole pre-drilled (promotes root growth)
  • Feet elevate planter inches above the ground
  • Custom planters available by request
  • Newport deck planter boxes provide an abundant amount of room in which to plant all manner of blooms and blossoms, small shrubs, even artificial foliage. And as far as outdoor planters go, this large PVC planter withstands all manner of harsh weather, rain or shine. With its smooth line and elegant trim on top, the Newport planter box is a great way to adorn any outdoor space, boosting curb appeal in the process.

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    24in. Newport Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
    36in. Newport Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
    48in. Newport Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
    60in. Newport Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H
    72in. Newport Premier Deck Planter w/ Feet 12in. W x 12in. H

    Coordinating Window Boxes and Planters

    We receive many requests from people who love the look of one of our unique window boxes and want to use it as a standalone container planter box. While most of our window boxes can be adapted for use as standalone planters, the Newport window planter» was an exceptional opportunity for design. Elegant but simple, it fits most outdoor room styles and makes a gorgeous accent to decks and patios. Three layers of crown molding on a flared line top this porch planter, and the feet extend just enough to make a statement. Dress your home in Newport Premier Curb Appeal with this attractive style of matching window boxes and planters.

    The Newport: An Exceptional Wood Planter Alternative

    Deck and patio planters are great additions to any exterior landscape and the Newport is no exception. In fact, as a wood planter alternative, it simply shines showcasing it's clean lines and smooth surface. Yet, unlike wood, it withstands weather extremes, from the blazing sun to frigid winter temperatures. Why? Made from rugged and durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, this large PVC planter is lighter weight than wood yet won't bow, warp, chip or break. The Newport Premier composite planter box provides years of service outlasting most other outdoor planters. Perfect as a standalone planter or arrange several Newport deck planter boxes to balance out a porch or patio. In addition to PVC's durable qualities, a deck planter constructed of premier PVC is ideal because you can move it during the season (before watering is always easier!) and leave it out without worries over the winter.

    Versatility is the Newport Premier Planter Hallmark

    Available in a several sizes beginning at 24" long up to 72" or more, the Newport has all the simplicity for modern exterior decor and plenty of versatility to enhance more traditional home designs. It stands on petite feet as accent support, with the roomy planter body topped off with three layers of crown molding on a flared top. And with this planter's light weight, the Newport is ideal to move about between seasonal plantings. What's more, we carry matching window boxes to add to your curb appeal montage, providing a continuous decor theme to your home's exterior. The Newport Premier planter box comes in white but can be painted to mix or match other home features with an acrylic latex paint of your choice.

    Sizing Foliage In the Newport Patio Planter

    No matter what length Newport patio planter you purchase, unless customized, they extend 12" in height, providing the look of low slung appeal against its long rectangular shape. While short plants look fabulous, the Newport also looks great with medium height plants (12-18"H). If you like taller foliage, we recommend 24" to 30" heights to achieve especially great lines. You will also have enough height for vines and flowers that trail, creating a full complement for flowers or greenery. No matter what size plants or small shrubs you choose, your Newport Premier planter will look great, providing years of exceptional curb appeal for your home.