30" Orleans Aluminum Window Box

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Whether you're just all about convenience, or you have limited yard and patio space for a more conventional container garden, these window box planters are a sure fire way to create the dream garden you've always wanted. They feature a deep and wide construction that easily accommodates flowers and edibles of various sizes, so you can mix things up with various options, or keep it simple with one favorite. Grow herbs right outside your kitchen window, and have fresh flavors available any time you have a craving. You can also mount these planter boxes along railings and other locations, giving the option to keep beautiful fresh flowers within sight any time you wish. The possibilities are virtually endless.
Each of these planter boxes is made from aluminum, which allows them to maintain superb durability, without the heavy weight of many other metals. Additionally, they're weather resistant to avoid rusting and corrosion, so they'll maintain their attractive good looks over time.
Add the optional liner and enjoy even more convenience. Liners come in a variety of shades, including copper, real copper, silver, or bronze for a myriad of looks. Additionally, liners are easy to use and allow you to move plants when needed without having to disrupt your entire window planter.

More Information
Length 30"
Height 9"
Width 9"
Material Aluminum
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Copper, Real Copper, Silver, White
Color Black
Sizes 30"
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