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Artificial Oblong Topiaries - Indoor

If you want decorative accents that can easily be moved from one location to another such as for tradeshows and the like, faux boxwood topiaries will do the trick. Choose an oblong artificial topiary to create a unique look reminiscent of a football theme, for example, or "name your shape." By working with our expert staff to craft your personalized topiary, you will reach your customer base and maximize marketing in a fun and targeted manner. The nice thing about a shaped topiary is that it can serve as a form of advertising while adding functionality and beauty in the process. Each shaped topiary is handcrafted with fake plants that are densely applied, creating a full, green look. The foliage is then fashioned onto a durable powder coated iron cage, which prevents moisture and eliminates rust or degradation. Our standard oblong shape is available in three standard sizes, up to seventy-two inches, although all faux boxwood topiaries are fully customizable. Call us today to speak with one of our skilled staff about your next project.

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48inH Oblong Topiary, Indoor
60inH Oblong Topiary, Indoor
72inH Oblong Topiary, Indoor

From Footballs To Fairies (and all shapes in between)

Maximizing marketing potential in inventive ways has never been more fun, especially since faux boxwood topiaries have come into play. In fact, our artificial oblong topiaries are a perfect case in point. Representing a football, it reflects all the passion and persuasion the game is known for which, in turn, effectively reaches football lovers. And while this particular shape comprised of densely packed fake plants speaks to the sport, you too can create whatever shaped topiary represents your business, reaching your clients just as reflectively.

The oblong topiary pictured here is handcrafted with lifelike, high quality boxwood foliage material, rich in slightly different greens just like what appears naturally. It is then securely affixed to a powder coated iron cage. Powder coating is particularly important since untreated iron can be subject to rust and degradation which powder coating eliminates. This outcome ensures that your shaped topiary will last year after year, looking as fresh and 'alive' as the day you bought it.

Faux Boxwood Topiaries in Containers

Let's talk usability. Faux boxwood topiaries are generally lightweight, highly portable, and perfect when showcasing your business at special events, trade shows, or conferences. Available in three standard sizes up to seventy-two inches, our custom craftsmen can manufacture whatever size you require, from the petite to the impressively overlarge. Choose one of our containers in a wide array of colors for anchoring, making them even more attractive and easily transportable. You can even add casters. And besides size, we can custom shape and color your fiberglass or PVC containers as well, creating a truly unforgettable shaped topiary motif.

For more stationary artificial topiary fixtures, we craft shapes that have staying power. For indoor gardens, design a custom form as animals or other plants for entrances to covered greenhouses. For hotels and other hospitality centers, we can craft your topiary to mimic your logo or brand, eating utensils to stand near your cafe entrance, and much more. You are only limited by your imagination. And don't forget: there's no watering or maintenance required for your artificial topiary. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth or light mist. Give us a call today to discuss your next project.