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Fire Retardant Artificial Oblong Topiaries

Looking for innovative design accents that are portable, ones you can take to tradeshows and conferences? We have a solution for you. Fire Retardant Oblong Topiaries are a perfect example reflecting how artificial boxwood plants can be used to create whatever shape you need. While the oblong shape pictured here perfectly represents a football or merely a faux topiary possessing lovely contours, our custom department can create whatever shape you need that represents your company. By using commercial artificial plants to construct a form that evokes your logo or corporate identity, customers and clients will recognize you from a distance at your next annual meeting or special event. Serving as both advertising and beauty, artificial topiaries are packed with dense, lush fire retardant foliage to create a rich, green look. It then covers the powder coated iron cage, which won't rust or suffer degradation over time, increasing value and longevity to the topiary. While our stock oblong shape is available in three sizes, as large as seventy-two inches, we can custom manufacture any size you require. No project is too small or large. Contact our expert staff today to discuss the size and shape for your faux topiary.

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48inH Oblong Topiary, Fire Retardant
60inH Oblong Topiary, Fire Retardant
72inH Oblong Topiary, Fire Retardant

Fabulous Artificial Topiary Designs

We recognize that many businesses and industries like to represent themselves with unique signage when attending conferences, sales meetings and seminars. An effective way to do this is with a distinctive Fire Retardant Artificial Oblong Topiary made of artificial boxwood plants. Our spheroid shape faux topiary comes in three standard sizes, up to seventy-two inches. However, because we specialize in custom projects, we can make any shape or size you need that will represent your company or organization. And by using the highest grade commercial artificial plants material available, you are assured your topiary product will last years and years into the future.

Each faux topiary we manufacture for indoor use comes with fire retardant protection. The lush material comes in a rich leafy array that incorporates subtle shades of green to mimic the natural boxwood it is patterned after. The material is packed tightly onto mesh covering the durable iron cage. The cage skeleton is further protected with a powder coating to resist moisture and eliminate rust. The attention to detail we have established not only extends all safety measures that meet any local safety standards. It also gives you the most beautiful boxwood topiary in whatever shape you require--one that will endure over many seasons of use.

An added benefit of choosing one of our fire retardant artificial oblong topiaries is that there is no upkeep involved. Watering and pruning is eliminated and they are easy to keep clean. Just wipe leaves with a damp cloth or spray a light mist before wiping and your topiary will look as green and fresh as the first day you bought it. Display with confidence your chosen logo or corporate shape and watch customers flock to your table or booth at trade shows.

Suggested Uses for Artificial Boxwood Topiaries:

Artificial boxwood topiaries also make beautiful additions to boardrooms, reception areas, conference rooms or other meeting space in your business. Hotels and hospitality centers love to add greenery that brightens up corners or fills in empty spaces, thereby creating a lively addition to their decor. Create an elegant faux topiary for your business in whatever size or shape you prefer. Call our expert staff today for customization options.