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Square Bar Fish Tail Grille - Flat Black

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10"W x 10"H x 2" Deep
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Custom Colors include: Red Rust and Dark Bronze. 3-4 week leadtime, approx. 15% upcharge. Call 800-896-0978 for details.

Speakeasy Bar Style Right On Your Gate
Old World European style has never looked so classy, thanks to our square bar fish tail grille. Just like something you would see in the time of Shakespeare and Galileo, this rustic door grill has the look of a well-kept architectural antique. Created with the style of classic European art and architecture in mind, this outdoor wall décor will transport your façade back to a time of kings and queens, high art, and pastoral living. Simple yet elegant, gives your home a distinctive bucolic charm.

Metal Accents for Front Doors and Gates
The square bar fish tail grille- along with all the unique speakeasy grilles in our selection- is made using a high quality iron. 3/8" square bar iron is overlapped to form the geometric crisscross pattern. Each bar is completed with a decorative pleated fish tail design at the end. Each bar grille is then finished with a powder coat finish in your choice of flat black or brown rust. The glossy black coat makes this grille an easy complement to any outdoor décor, while the brown rust adds a more natural appeal. This powder coat finish helps to keep the grille protected from rust and corrosion for years of outdoor use.

Installation and Fit
Made to cover a square window less than one-foot square, this iron grille decor adds an extra level of decorative appeal while also adding an extra level of safety. Though you aren't likely to be using it for the same application as sixteenth century homeowners, or even the more recent Prohibition era speakeasy owners, this grille still gives your front door an air of privacy and security. These grilles are a natural match for traditional and European architecture. They are easily mounted to any type of flat surface using the wood screws included, and predrilled mounting holes (screws are finished in color to match grille).

10"W x 10"H x 2" Deep