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54" Window Box Recipe for Mixed Bougainvillea - Peach/Pink/Cream

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Artificial Flowers for Window Boxes

Whether in second-story window boxes or other hard to reach places out in your yard, you can display a bright and lush garden arrangement with these handy outdoor artificial plants. Just like a ready made floral arrangement, each window box recipe comes with everything you need to display a diverse burst of color and texture from any window box or planter. Artificial flowers for window boxes are the way to go when you simply don't have the time- or the horticultural know-how- to tend to an array of outdoor decorative plants with different needs and growing conditions. With this mixed collection of artificial floral you get a selection of our favorite blooming beauties- including bougainvillea, gardenia, and barberry- that are sure to shine on your façade, porch, or patio.

The Perfect Recipe for Planter Displays

Each window box recipe shown here will fill a 54" window box. For your decorative ease, we even offer to include a chic modern white window box with this mixed arrangement. Whether you choose to use our custom box or your own, this mix of flowers and vines is sure to draw attention when sprawling naturally over a window, porch railing, or fence. In each window box recipe you will find: four bougainvillea vines in shades of peach, pink, and cream, four white gardenia bushes, and four pink-colored barberry shrubs. This collection of flowering plants offers the perfect mixture of spilling, filling, and upright varieties to bring a wealth of texture and color to your window box display.

No-Worry Outdoor Artificial Plants

Lifelike outdoor artificial plants take the worry out of gardening chores. No need to water, prune, or fertilize these beauties. We craft these fake flowers with the utmost attention to each botanical detail. Our artificial blooms are made from a high-quality material that will withstand the elements, giving you a lovely floral display in all seasons.

Create your own artificial arrangements for window boxes 54" long.

Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W

Window Box

Bougainvillea Vine 36"

Gardenia 19"

Barberry Shrub 23"

Size Quantity Quantity Quantity
24" 2 2 1
30" 2 2 1
36" 3 3 2
42" 3 4 2
48" 3 4 2
54" 4 4 3
60" 5 5 4
72" 5 5 4