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Other Brackets, Braces, Hangers & Mounting Hardware

Comprised of miscellaneous products, the Other Brackets, Braces, Hangers & Mounting Hardware section can help tie up loose ends in the home gardening project, like purchasing faux window box brackets to add sophistication to mounted containers, or a decorative garden hook for an added accent and functional hanger.

In a garden, it's the details that matter - like an attractive Oakleaf or Ivy themed garden hook to hang your birdfeeder or seasonal baskets. Or faux window box brackets to give affordable containers the appearance of a much more expensive window box. Whatever your project, other brackets, braces, hangers & mounting hardware can help to finish the job by adding polish and refinement.

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Ivy Nature Hook
Price: $29.85
Coventry Hanging Basket Bracket
Lionsgate Hanging Basket Bracket
Barrington Medium Scroll Bracket for hanging flower baskets
Barrington Large Scroll Bracket for Hanging Flower Baskets
Oakleaf Nature Hook
Price: $29.85
Dragonfly Nature Hook
Decorative Scroll Heavy Duty Wall Mount  Basket Bracket
Light Duty Iron Swirl Hook
Heavy Duty Scroll Arm Wall Mount Hanging Basket Bracket
Simple Arch Wall Mount Hanging Basket Bracket
Barrington Medium Scroll Bracket for hanging flower baskets
Bel Casa Scroll Bracket for Hanging Baskets
Belmont Straight Bracket with curved hook
Berkshire Medium Arc Bracket for Hanging Baskets
Berkshire Large Arc Bracket for Hanging Baskets
Bradbury Large Curved Bracket for Flower Baskets
Bradbury Angled, Curved Up Bracket for Flower Baskets
Railing Hook for Hanging Baskets and Garden Decor

In this section of Other Brackets, Braces, Hangers & Mounting Hardware, our customers can find a miscellaneous assortment of products to polish off various projects. When it comes to faux window box brackets, garden hook accessories, and other finishing touches or add-ons for the home garden, this is the place to look.

While our customers may come across these products in other sections of our website, the Other Brackets, Braces, Hangers & Mounting Hardware are joined here for your browsing convenience. From faux window box brackets, to a decorative garden hook, to other braces and mounting hardware, pulling it all together sometimes requires those little asides that make all the difference.

As a leading online destination for window boxes of all kinds, Hooks and Lattice understands that our customers work on various types of projects in all different price ranges. For this reason, we offer diverse bracket and mounting solutions, including faux window box brackets to spruce up affordable containers that could benefit from a little extra detail. Faux window box brackets are a smart, economical way to mimic the appearance of more expensive window boxes. With a sturdy, efficient mount likely already fastened from behind, the faux window box brackets just help to give your containers the classic look and feel.

Another popular decorative item, the garden hook is offered here in a nice variation of styles. All designed with themes of nature, choose from options like the Oakleaf, Ivy or Dragonfly Nature Hook. Each garden hook is a sturdy hanging apparatus that works well for birdhouses, seasonal baskets or hanging plants. Choose from finishes in hues like moss green, French bronze or verdigris to suit your preference. Each garden hook is simple to mount on the side of your home, fasten to a column or put along a wooden post on your front porch. Even before you hang something on it, the stylistic options are many based on where you mount.

Many of the products in Other Brackets, Braces, Hangers & Mounting hardware are intended to correspond with other quality Hooks and Lattice items. For more information on window boxes, hanging baskets or other items available for additional purchase, one of our friendly representatives will be happy to assist you over the phone.

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