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Outdoor Accents

Outdoor Accents

For house and garden products ranging from faux balconies to weathervanes, the Other Products online category at Hooks and Lattice brings together a range of garden home products. In browsing below, our customers will find an array of miscellaneous outdoor living products ideal for landscaping and design projects.

Other Products include Mail Posts and Mailboxes, Faux Balconies, Garage Door & Gate Hardware, Lamp Posts, Address Signs, Deck & Dock Boxes, Coconut Planter Liner Rolls, Arbors, Trellises & Gazebos, Garden Benches, Weathervanes, Thermometers & Clocks, Organic Fertilizers, Worms & Worm Castings, Commercial & Residential Planters, and even Garden Gifts and Window Box Books.

For house and garden products to add that extra touch or tie up loose ends on your landscaping project, the outdoor living products available here have you covered.

Miscellaneous outdoor living products from Hooks and Lattice come together here in our outdoor accents category. Intended for a range of home and garden improvement projects , products found here range from functional solutions like mailboxes, to decorative pieces like faux balconies.

Our garden home products in the Other Products category include options to practically dress up residential exteriors. Mailboxes and Mail Posts, Deck & Dock Boxes, and a range of planters all offer solutions that will simultaneously beautify and provide functional spaces. Use house and garden products like a decorative mailbox to bring style to your postal portal, a deck box to store hoses or outdoor furniture pads while adding an additional seat, or a planter to create a beautiful home for flowers or plants in any season.

Other outdoor living products that improve both style and function include designer lamp posts for exterior lighting, decorative address signs, garden benches, and hardware for garage doors and gates. Each of these house and garden products is a heavy duty, low maintenance piece for exterior use with the character of your home in mind. Simple attention to detail, like adding a piece of designer door hardware, brings charming character to areas one might normally consider dead space in terms of design value.

Arbors, Trellises & Gazebos are also found in our Other Products category, and Weathervanes, Thermometers and Clocks. These outdoor living products make great accents in the garden and create focal points for passersby. Cleverly placed decorative pieces can help to break up floral and plant arrangements and guide the eye from one area of your landscape to the next.

Of course, some of our garden home products are purely for decoration like the collection of Faux Balconies. To the contrary, garden home products like Organic Fertilizers, Worms & Worm Castings are essential to create and foster a good base of growth. Finally, check out Garden Gifts and Window Box Books for creative inspiration or as a great present for the fellow gardener and home improvement enthusiast in your life.

For questions on the house and garden products found in our Other Products category, or for suggestions on other items suited to your project, please call us toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.