Beware of Dog Plaque

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Attractive "Beware of Dog" Sign

As domesticated pets, dogs serve a double purpose in our lives. We keep them as steady companions through thick and thin. But they can also serve as vigilant protectors of both you and your property. Give that special four-footed friend the recognition he deserves, and give a fair warning to neighbors, delivery drivers, and other passersby by displaying this attractive "Beware of Dog" sign in your front yard. Rather than detracting from the aesthetic of your outdoor space, this handsome arched rectangular sign has a distinct decorative element that can add to your décor just as it serves as a warning to strangers that an animal with the soul of a wolf resides here.

High Quality Plaques with Yard Sign Stakes

Cheap plastic or metal warning signs purchased at your local home improvement or big box store can certainly serve to let people know that you have a dog on the property. But at the same time they can wreck the carefully created ambience of your façade. Carry on the subtle elegance that enlivens the rest of your outdoor décor with this high quality "Beware of Dog" plaque. Our artfully crafted yard plaques are made from high quality rust-resistant aluminum. They are designed in a sleek jet-black tone and feature distinctive gold letting and decorative border.

A Prominent Warning to Strangers

Domesticated hundreds of years ago, today's canine household pets are a far cry from the feral wolves that roam the forests. However, our furry friends- whether they are massive German Shepherds or diminutive Chihuahuas- are still wild at heart. We can never forget their sharp teeth and powerful paws. With this sophisticated yard sign you give a fair warning to strangers that you are not alone. Mounted on sturdy yard sign stakes, these canine warning plaques are sure to be noticed when prominently placed on your lawn.

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Length 9.25"
Height 20"
Width 5.63"
Color Black/Gold
Material Metal
Style Pre-Printed
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