Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Keep outdoor furniture clean and protected from the elements with our patio furniture covers.

  • Made with our proprietary Rhinoweave fabric, each piece is designed to prevent weather penetration so furniture maintains its appearance and physical integrity
  • Comes in an attractive champagne color
  • Offered in numerous sizes and shapes for a wide range of furnishings
  • Great for residential and commercial use
  • Will not peel or crack, even when exposed to direct sunlight and moisture

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Outdoor Furniture Covers for a Range of Uses

During the off season, it's important to keep your patio furnishings looking their best. This not only ensures that you're ready to relax poolside next season, but also saves space in your garage while increasing the furniture's longevity. Our patio chair covers come in a variety of sizes, customized to fit specific types of outdoor furnishings - from chaise loungers to tables and dining chairs. Whatever style your exterior seating, we've got a cover that is right for your needs. They fit easily and snugly, preventing water from entering and keeping items out of the sun's harmful rays. It's the quick and simple way to protect your investment, whether you're a homeowner or running a commercial pool or lounge.

Get Durable Patio Furniture Covers

Our furniture coverings are not only easy to use and simply stylish, but they're also made from extra durable Rhinoweave material. Our proprietary fabric blend is better suited for outdoor use than vinyl, since it won't peel, fade or crack when exposed to the elements, even over time. It's also breathable for optimum airflow, but without allowing excess moisture to enter, so furniture stays dry and free from the risk of rust and mildew damage. Each cover comes with its own convenient storage pouch, so you can store them away when not in use.