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Decorative Lanterns

Decorative Lanterns

Enjoy a unique home accent with these table lantern styles for indoor and outdoor display. As a part of American history, lanterns for candles have lit the way for centuries. And now, decorative lanterns are being redefined as a bright spot in fashionable home decor across the country.

From contemporary black metal lanterns to vintage lantern designs, this assortment of styles offers something for every type of home and garden. Use a table lantern as a unique dinner table centerpiece, or perch it on a garden table with a miniature potted plant housed inside. And for a warm ambient light, using lanterns for candles makes an effortlessly charming statement.

The decorative lanterns online at Hooks and Lattice come in vintage and modern styles. Although lovely on their own, it's also a wonderful DIY project to fill enclosures with favorite candles, flowers, seashells and other keepsakes. Choose a glass lantern and make it an expression of your family's personality.

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