Weathervane Accessories

The right weathervane parts make for a secure and attractive display. That’s why at Hooks & Lattice we offer sturdy weathervane hardware including weathervane brackets for roof, wall and ground mounting of your standard full size and XL size devices.

While decorative weathervane parts and moving pieces are included when purchasing a device, weathervane brackets must be purchased separately (unless noted otherwise). Depending on your planned application, weathervane hardware is available for roof and wall mounting, or for ground mounting a garden stake option is featured. This Standard Full Size and XL Size Accessories category is aptly named, as weathervane hardware purchased in this section is meant to accommodate designs from the Standard and XL Size Weathervane product collection.

Buy it all online at Hooks & Lattice, from decorative weathervanes to the appropriate hardware, and make your home whirl with personality.

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Weathervane parts don't end with the lovely decorative pieces we see on display. In fact, without the correct weathervane hardware your barometric device could fail to indicate much about the weather at all. For efficient, safe mounting, buy the appropriate weathervane brackets for roof, ground and wall mounting – all available online at Hooks & Lattice.

The weathervane brackets featured in this category are designed to accommodate our collection of Standard Full Size and XL Size Weathervanes, also available for separate purchase online at Hooks & Lattice. In addition to the most visible weathervane parts that make your device rotate and indicate wind direction, appropriate weathervane hardware is also necessary to mount these barometric home accents. For applications on or in any part of your home or yard, we offer a variety of durable, attractive Standard Full Size and XL Size Accessories for weathervanes.

To determine what weathervane brackets you need, the first step is simple: choose from one of our lovely, themed and memorable weathervanes! As mentioned before, weathervane parts like the rod, rotator, pointer and decorative top are included in the purchase of your device, but weathervane brackets must be purchased separately unless indicated otherwise.

Once you have chosen a weathervane suited to your style and project, determine the size and type of mounting surface you plan to work with. For a classic rooftop mount, choose from weathervane brackets with either two or four prongs, depending on what section of roof your device will be mounted from. An adjustable option is available for a self-customizable grip. For weathervane hardware to mount from a wall, offset wall brackets are featured in stainless steel or black. And last, but not least, for an interesting detail in and amongst your garden or landscaping grounds, a Weathervane Garden Stake is just the thing to post any of our Standard Full Size or XL Size Weathervanes in and amongst your flowerbeds.

Each of the weathervane brackets featured above is designed to accommodate Standard Full Size or XL Size Weathervanes purchased online via Hooks & Lattice. For questions, or to discuss weathervane hardware for an already existing device, please call 1-800-896-0978 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST).