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Birdhouses - Bee Houses & Birdfeeders

Get an instant design boost by adding Decorative Birdcages to a table, ledge or countertop. Inside or outside, antique birdcages are undeniably charming. Enjoy their vintage appeal on a foyer table, sunroom alcove or patio ledge. Lovely silhouettes formed in unique combinations of materials and finishes are sure to charm in any setting. In addition to being a kitchen décor favorite, they are also often used as birdcage cardholders at weddings and parties. Use metal decorative birdcages as enchanting centerpieces or decorate and place on tables in foyers or in the main hotel lobby or coffee shop.

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Uses for Vintage Decorative Birdcages

Enjoy decorative birdcages as a charming addition to interior and exterior home decor. From a birdcage planter on a patio table to a chic dining room centerpiece, each vintage-inspired enclosure makes an outstanding table or kitchen decoration. And with unique designs made from various materials and finishes, this collection offers something to suit a range of tastes.

Enhance interior spaces using vintage birdcage decor on tabletops, ledges, alcoves and shelves. For houseplants, a birdcage planter offers a whimsical display case to house potted flowers, climbing vines and other small arrangements. And for favorite candles, small vases and family keepsakes, decorative birdcages make for a lovely presentation. Atop kitchen cabinets, on dining room tables or in a foyer alcove, a birdcage looks elegant and enchanting.