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Earthen Herb Pots

Start your own home herb garden with Earthen Herb Pots from Hooks and Lattice. Conveniently arranged Earthen Herb Pots in wooden crates make growing your own herbs easy and organized. Merge an herb planter crate into your garden or even place it on your windowsill for easy kitchen access.

Each home herb garden habitat found here has a unique handmade quality - a clever parallel to the ground-up experience of starting an herb garden. Whether you just want a few flavors on hand for cuisine, or you're utilizing this as a gateway to starting an herb garden on a larger scale, these Earthen Herb Pots in their pleasing clay moss tone inspire growth while simultaneously exuding charm. Choose a home herb garden with two, three, four or six pots, each with a wooden crate that is handcrafted and aged to perfection.

Seeds are available for separate purchase. For questions on Earthen Herb Pots and starting your own home herb garden, please call us at 1-800-896-0978

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