Garden Statues

Add a fanciful feel to garden beds with colorful outdoor garden statues. Amidst nature's gems, small sculptures like ceramic mushrooms are a fun way to layer in different dimension and shape. And garden art is a delightful expression of that unique whimsical quality that makes outdoor living so irresistible. Create pockets of interesting detail among the pansies, snapdragons and geraniums that make up your vibrant spring garden.

Adding lawn ornaments is easy to do and goes a long way in distinguishing your outdoor decor. For gardens, sculpture sits comfortably in container arrangements, hanging baskets or flower beds on the ground. Wherever there is soil or another medium to secure the base, garden statues thrive with eye-catching charm. Colorful outdoor art is also great for dressing up tree rings and the outer rims of landscape edging, to give exterior decor that extra special something.

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Indulge the imagination with a set of charming garden sculptures for outdoor decoration. Where bright flowers, green grass, cascading vines and regal trees abound, lawn ornaments complement the feeling of natural charm. Use them to add pockets of surprise among landscape rings, garden beds or at the base of a mailbox to distinguish your property.

Situated at the foot of a tree or around a flourishing trellis, garden statues have a way of drawing the eye. Designs like colorful ceramic mushrooms add that extra level of detail to warrant a second look. And weaving in different color, shape and texture is always a plus. The extra contrast provided by three-dimensional garden art will emphasize the fluidity of surrounding green and floral arrangements.

The lawn ornaments and garden statuary online at Hooks & Lattice represent our love of all things outdoors. And this passion is one inspired by our customers as well, who tend to be avid about spending time in the yard and garden. Working on a new window box arrangement for the spring? Add a fanciful garden statue to the design as a surprise element. Have a tree ring that looks a little plain? Use colorful lawn ornaments to dress it up in no time.

Outdoor garden statues work in any application with the correct conditions. For styles like a mushroom sculpture trio, anywhere the base can be buried is a potential display case - flower beds, landscape rings, grass lawns and container garden arrangements all present an opportunity. Click on individual products above for more details on each product and its applications.

Anywhere that daisies, tulips, poppies and peonies spring, garden art adds a cheerful and bright element. Make these irresistible statues a part of your outdoor decor and enjoy a fairy-tale like quality every time you see them.