Live Plants

Live Plants

Not much can compare to the freshness and vitality that live plants bring. Whether used to in a home or office space, plants add a sense of life and purpose and can energize anyone who comes in contact with them. Our beautiful selection of living plants has options to match every style and purpose, plus we make it easy to send plants as the gift that keeps on giving.

We have one of the largest selections of live plants online, so there is sure to be a plant that is perfect for you. Browse our extensive selection until you find the plant that is perfect for your space?you might find it's hard to stop at just one!

Shop herb and seed kits below, they're the perfect gifts for gardeners, kids gardening projects and at-home fun for everyone!

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Beautiful Live Plants Online

The beauty of live plants is that, unlike cut flowers that die after only a few weeks, these varieties keep growing and flourishing. Our amazing selection of live plants contains something for everyone and is a great way to expand your gardening horizons or to get started with something completely new. If you are short on space, our compact plants make it possible to have a great garden without investing in a huge parcel of land. Each plant is high quality and all accessories and planters are made of the best materials, so your plants can stick around for a long time.

Live Succulents

A perfect addition to any interior space, living succulents are stunning and can be used in a variety of ways. We have hundreds of varieties of succulents in all shapes and sizes to match your needs and design aesthetic. Create a focal point with our gorgeous succulent frames on a wall or tabletop or use our cube planters for a more modern style. Succulents require very little care, so you can get the benefits of having living plants without worrying about extensive time and money with maintenance. And because our planters and frames are made of the finest material, you can count on these beautiful succulents lasting for years to come.

Herb Kits and Seed Starting Kits

If you've ever wanted to grow something different, our herb and seed kits are for you. These kits make it easy to start a new growing adventure with all of the supplies you need and easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, herb and seed kits make great gifts for everyone on your list. A budding chef will appreciate our foodie planters, including varieties of peppers, basil, and tomatoes, that allow you to grow a miniature cooking garden right on your windowsill. Flower lovers will enjoy our mini sunflower or zinnia gardens that come ready to grow in an adorable pail. No matter your skill or space, we have plenty of options to grow something exciting!