An obelisk trellis for plants is an easy way to give some extra notice to your container arrangements. Add some height and classical distinction to indoor and outdoor planters in one simple step by mounting sturdy obelisks around the rim.

Brought to you by Hooks & Lattice, each garden obelisk in this collection is made from durable wrought iron that is powder coated to resist weathering. Obelisks are available in styles that can be applied to modern or traditional settings with a range of accompanying plant life. To truly take advantage of the added height, grow climbing greenery and use these accents as an obelisk trellis for plants.

Place them on the deck, patio or for indoor planting to obtain the quintessential display of classic garden decor. More information on each style of garden obelisk, such as dimensions and estimated shipping times, can be found by clicking on individual product icons.

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Give your gardening a little extra boost with a garden obelisk from Hooks & Lattice. The graceful appeal of obelisks found in this collection comes from their smooth design out of wrought iron and the majestic towering that proves to be simultaneously current and nostalgic.

An obelisk trellis for plants is easily mounted to garden pots and other containers in order to add some extra height and, for climbing vines and flowers, direction and structure in which to grow. Obelisks found here look great mounted over lower growing arrangements of flowers and grasses or wrapped in upward crawling plant varieties such as Clematis, Morning Glory or Passion Fruit.

An obelisk trellis for plants is reminiscent of the Old English gardening style with its ornate arches and soaring trellises, but modern in appeal at the same time. The clean lines afforded in the iron construction, and the purpose posed in guiding plant life that has a tendency to grow upward, is a flawless example of form that dutifully follows function. However, their design value is hardly deniable when you take in their charming curvature and the way they effortlessly catch the eye and lead them down to bright floral arrangements.

The construction of each garden obelisk starts with durable wrought iron which is an elegant and functional material for outdoor landscaping. The wrought iron is finished with a powder coating that provides resistance against weathering, fading and other general wear associated with exterior applications. This combination makes for a resilient product that will serve as an accent in your garden for years to come.

Shop conveniently online and view different styles of obelisks and their dimensions by clicking on individual product icons. If you wish to pair a garden obelisk with a planter, Hooks & Lattice offers a comprehensive collection of indoor and outdoor planters and flower pots that are also available for purchase.

For more information on garden obelisks and for recommendations on brilliant planters to accompany them, please contact the customer service team at Hooks & Lattice at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.