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Soil Nutrient Guide

Having the facts about soil nutrients is essential to a healthy garden. Soil basics, after all, are behind the best organic fertilizers, composting practices and the like. And we're willing to bet that successful growing mediums always trace back to a basic knowledge of balancing soil nutrients.

The trick is to keep it simple and work with nature, rather than against her.

To achieve the best soil for container gardening we take an eco-system approach. Like any living thing, your plants and flowers are part of a larger environmental network. Balancing soil nutrients depends upon all of the elements of a system working together. From mineral components like potassium, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus, to the pH levels in your flower beds, achieving harmony means achieving results.

Already have a good grasp of garden soil basics? Check out at-home composting tools and readymade organic fertilizers by clicking here. Or, read on for more garden soil basics and tips for improving your garden soil.

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