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Trellises & Garden Screens

Our variety of wall and garden trellises and screens is divided here into two categories: composite trellises and garden screens, and iron garden trellises and screens. In each section, customers will find a variety of privacy and wall trellis designs in addition to garden screens that can conceal outdoor sitting areas or cover up an undesirable exterior wall. There are also small and decorative garden trellises that work well paired with pots in the garden.

Large composite designs are suited well to applications as a privacy trellis for a patio area or when paired behind large planters for added dimension. They can also be leaned against an outdoor partition as a wall trellis to create vertical planting space that otherwise would not exist. Support your favorite climbers and vines, and even wind in garlands and lights for an enchanted garden ambience. However you utilize them, garden screens and trellises are a lively way to diversify your garden and increase curb appeal. Please click on categories below to view individual products.

Diversify your growing and outdoor decor with the addition of garden screens and garden trellises, brought to you online by Hooks and Lattice. Our collection includes styles appropriate for use as a wall trellis, small decorative pieces to pair with pots, and also larger privacy trellis options that can make outdoor living spaces feel more intimate. A privacy trellis or screen also works well to conceal undesirable parts of home architecture such as an electrical box, an unpainted wall, or a large partition with no windows.

By clicking on the categories below, customers can browse different garden trellises and garden screens by material. We offer a variety of garden and wall trellis designs made from durable composite PVC that resembles the look of painted wood – a timeless choice for garden decor. The material is also virtually maintenance-free, so there is never any sanding, painting or sealing to protect from rot and decay. Many of the larger models in this section are especially useful in privacy trellis applications, whether you want to shade a lower level window from ground view or desire to block your private terrace from the eye line of close neighbors.

Our category of iron garden trellises and screens is primarily made up of designs that thrive as decorative pieces or functional planters. Iron garden trellises are particularly popular for planting vines and our decorative Crown, Leaf and Garden Trellis are each designed to pair with terra cotta or your other favorite pots to assist plants in climbing upward or just provide an interesting accent.

Whether looking for a practical privacy trellis or a purely decorative piece, Hooks and Lattice has something here to please every project. Each of our garden screens and trellises made from composite PVC lends a wonderful support to a variety of climbers and vines, and also provide a support for top-heavy flowers that need a little help to remain upright. Another cool product we feature is the Skyscraper Iron Wall Trellis. This is a tool for planting a vertical garden where edibles can grow and thrive for use in the kitchen.

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